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    Admin Application

    In Game Nick: The Fantastic Loki / SovietWomble / Cyanide Steam ID: (STEAM_1:0:312660472 [Warzone]) (STEAM_0:0:87433931 [Actual Steam]) Discord: The Fantastic Loki#3620 Server you are applying for: OaO Surf Your Stats-Link...
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    Admin Request

    IGN : yanik557 (Tag : Noob ?) (maybe one day ill buy Cs:Go if i'll have enought money :x ) Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:2014270031 Statistics : (★OaO★ ▏Stats - Player Information) Server i wanna Administer : OaO Public Country : Belgium ( Speaking English...
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    In Game Nick: ALPHA ROMEO 911 Steam-ID: 76561198379000783 Server you want to administer: Dust 2 Your HL-Stats link: (★OaO★ ▏Stats - Player Information) The country you are from: INDIA Year of birth: 5 SEPTEMBER 1994 Any past admin experience: NOPE...
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    Admin Application.

    I do not have the 50 hours connection time since the server update. But if you count the hours before you guys added the ranks in scoreboard, I would be over 50 hours. In Game Nick: karYzan Steam-ID: STEAM_1:0:28131444 Server you want to administer: DUST2 ONLY Your HL-Stats link...