1. Wolkada

    Admin request

    #1 -Game nick: Wolkada™ Steam-ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wolkada Server you are applying for: dust 2 and dust 2 only Stats-Link: https://stats.cswarzone.com/m/playerinfo/470598?uid=134fa8e5057a589d0f3440d21226cae4 (★OaO★ ▏ Stats - Mobile Webpage) The country you are from: France Year of...
  2. M

    Admin request

    IGN : Mr.Serotonin Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:33349921 Statistics : https://oao.gameme.com/playerinfo/53208 (★OaO★ ▏Stats - Player Information) Server to Administer : OaO Public Country : Isle of Man Birthdate : 11/10/1994 Past Admin Experience : None Reason to become admin : Enjoy a better...
  3. Z

    Admin request Original steam

    400+ hours played Despite im from lebanon , i know english very well , and im able to communicate with anyone ig In Game Nick: all ca$h Steam-ID: thugxanx Server you want to administer: Classic The country you are from: Lebanon Year of birth: 2001 Any past admin experience: Yeah , been admin on...