1. EL5EIT

    Help I got banned for Just begin pro in one round ( from d2 to d2_old )

    I was player normaly in OaO dust2 only server in Dust 2 New, then we switched map to Dust2 old and accedantly got banned for no reason , but i was getting about 12 kills - 23 deaths in dust 2 new cuz i have bad lag in this map ( about 30 fps ) but in dust 2 old i got 11 kills - 0 deaths ( M4a4...
  2. Got banned for nothing! Wasn't Cheating!

    So I played on 5v5 PUG server, got banned for nothing!?!? So I went to to get help! If I can show demo then I will, also you should help with that too.I asume that admin thought I was cheating, but I wasn't!