banned for no reason.

  1. EL5EIT

    Help I got banned for Just begin pro in one round ( from d2 to d2_old )

    I was player normaly in OaO dust2 only server in Dust 2 New, then we switched map to Dust2 old and accedantly got banned for no reason , but i was getting about 12 kills - 23 deaths in dust 2 new cuz i have bad lag in this map ( about 30 fps ) but in dust 2 old i got 11 kills - 0 deaths ( M4a4...
  2. J

    banned for no reason?

    Hello. I have been playing on your servers for so long now and enver ever had a problem... but i feel like the server has become really shitty lately runned by stupid admins that abuses there power First of all i got muted some time ago, its fair why i got muted i talked trash but yea, i got...
  3. O

    Got banned from CSGO Arena server.

    Hello, In-Game nick: ox1de_^ or Oxyde or oxyde-irae gaming Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:178565458 Warzone-Stats link: (★OaO★ ▏Stats - Player Information) Reason for the ban: got banned for """""cheat"""""" Admin who banned you: '"AntiCheat"" Additional...
  4. L

    i got banned for scripting by "xZuna" xd

    i just played a game in server oao arena premium and got banned for scripting. first of all how the fuck was that scripting xZuna i didnt even hit my hops propely fucking idiot sry for the language xZuna but srsly how tf. if u unban me it will mean alot to me thx xZuna or some other...
  5. Y

    Solution I am banned by mistake.

    Hello everybody, i am banned from OaO Public because the admin thought that i was using aimlock. But i wasnt use any kind of hacks and i will never use. i want admins to unban me
  6. C

    Help I got ban for no reason.request not possible as it showed as unbanned.

    About non steam version. When I tried to do the appeal it says that my ip is not banned however it is Please some admin to help me or someone else. My username in Cs go non steam:ChriSmoove