classic server

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    Admin application

    In Game Nick : Atsuko FURURURUR Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:172473548 Server you are applying for : classic Your stats link : (★OaO★ ▏Stats - Player Information) Your activity link : (★OaO★...
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    Help What is server root folder

    Hey guys I had installed warzone csgo and now I want to start a server.I read the forum and I couldn't understand what is the server root folder.I have my folder in which csgo is installed.Is it that folder.So when I copy rev.ini to that folder I can't start my game and it says check if the...
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    Admin request

    In Game Nick: UrBoss Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:2117332352 Server you want to administer: Classic Your HL-Stats link: The country you are from: Poland Year of birth: 2002 Any past admin experience: None except minecraft ( ͡°...