cs 1.6 help

  1. KianSantang

    Cs 1.6 setup error

    So i wanted to play classic cs 1.6,and my friend told me that in this place you can download it free. After i installed it,and run the setup,There is an error when setup the part "c2a1",and it said "an error occurred while trying to copy a file:the source is corrupted" How to fix this?(sorry for...
  2. S

    CS 1.6 Help required !

    Hey guys! Recently me and my co-workers and old friends of mine decided to go in and jam cs 1.6 again. The best one (no-steam version) out there is obviously cs 1.6 warzone one. Everyone of my friends is using it and so on, so I decided to host an online server. I bought a server online. The...