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  1. Help Revemu can't run/ open after Operation Riptide update

    Pretty much the title. Looking to ask if anyone else has the same issue or if this is only at my end. This is the dialog box that shows whenever I try to run Revemu v6.7.2.0.
  2. Question NO STATTRAKS IN THE GAME???!!!!

    Why are there no stattraks in the latest version of csgo warzone, Or there actually are stattraks but i am doing something wrong? , Please help me out in this.
  3. Help Steam validation rejected.

    CSGO Not working. Hi, do you know how could I fix the problem "Steam validation rejected". I've had this problem since 2 weeks now and it's getting a little bit annoying, I had surfed all across the internet and the warzone web page itself to find myself a fix, but after all this it's still not...
  4. JosemaARG

    Question New Items

    Good evening, I wanted to ask, When will the new intems be added to the inventory?
  5. GhettoBurger

    Question CSGO Warzone not launching on ubuntu 16.04

    Hey all, New to the community and generally new to gaming on Ubuntu. I have wine installed on my machine and have download the CSGO launcher setup, and have tried installing it in both typical and complete (the setup method). The installation works just fine and after a few seconds I see the...

    I get Steam validation rejected, I use the sv_lan 1 but when I use it I disable all the skins, which I can do to fix that.
  7. Got banned for nothing! Wasn't Cheating!

    So I played on 5v5 PUG server, got banned for nothing!?!? So I went to cswarzone.com/forum to get help! If I can show demo then I will, also you should help with that too.I asume that admin thought I was cheating, but I wasn't!
  8. hiro016

    Help Missing some skins

    Hello, i play CSGO Warzone for a long time, and for some reason some skins are missing, like: M4A4-Howl, Ruby knifes, Gamma, Lore knifes, so, that is a bug or what? i'd like to know and if is a bug how to fix it thank you :D
  9. Help CS:GO Warzone Crashing During Load Screen.

    Hello everyone. I've just downloaded latest CS:GO from your website but when I join the non-steam servers, during the load screen at 99.99% my game simply crash. I've tried to lower the graphics settings all the way down, same problem still occurring. However, I've experimented with different...
  10. Tutorial Adding Custom Skins in Cs:Go & How to use RevEmu

    In this tutorial i will teach you how to add Custom Skins in CS go Which doesn't exist (or not released by Valve) like here in Example : Disclaimer: For Warzone version users Only, Using this in steam csgo will get you VAC banned Software you need:: Revemu inventory creator...
  11. How to rank up in CS:GO?

    There's no one way to improve your rank in CS:GO, some people have weaker aiming, some have issues in proper movement. And the most important thing to understand is the ranking system. There are two types of ranks; 1) Profile Rank and 2) Competitive Rank. You can read about the ranking system...
  12. Help Can I run a csgo server from the game?

    Heyyy.I have forwarded all my ports and I was wondering if I can run the server and play the game at the same time?That would save some space and increase performance.I want to host a server on the internet..Is it possible?
  13. Help Csgo, I do not want to start

    - This error pops up when I run a csgo, I have typed - a panorama in the loss parameters. What happened? When usune -panorama this game normally works only with no mam panoramama; / Please help. Regards Siezek
  14. Question cannot open csgo... give me solutions pleasee

    when i open loader.exe i cant play. it show like it: What should i do and need? Help please:)
  15. Help How do I set admin in non steam server

    Hi guys I have just made a server and I am curious how do I set admin in it.Can anyone give me detailed steps to set it because when I go to console and type rcon_password my pass..It gives me nothing.when I type sv_cheats 1 i get Can't change replicated ConVar sv_cheats from console of client...
  16. Help Server can't access admin

    When I open the chat and type /admin it gives me an error that you do not have access to this command.I am running the server using srcds with the method given in the forum on this page.I also tried rcon_password my_password in console and it gets sent.But when I type sv_cheats 1 I get Can't...
  17. Help What is server root folder

    Hey guys I had installed warzone csgo and now I want to start a server.I read the forum and I couldn't understand what is the server root folder.I have my folder in which csgo is installed.Is it that folder.So when I copy rev.ini to that folder I can't start my game and it says check if the...
  18. Help csgo launcher has stopped working!

    I get this error after the 2.9 launcher update.
  19. Help How To Remove Your Stattrak Weapon And Make It Normal Weapon

    Hi I just want to remove Stattrack from Weapon as according to me it makes it look bad , i like the normal way , So any Idea how to remove Stattrack or Change Kills of Weapon and knife in Warzone ThankYou :) smilemore :) PEaceout
  20. Offline mode , can't play online

    Hello guys , I recently downloaded the CS GO and i have problem with the offline mode , connecting to servers as you can see in the pictures