1. Question Need help with updating

    Hello, whenever i installed the game and opened the launcher i clicked update but nothing got updated, it said that i already had latest version of the game, first time it didn't require to update. Should it be like this?
  2. Help CANT CONNECT to my OWN server.

    I'm trying to setup a public community server. I downloaded SRCDS via steamCMD, I followed instructions from the tutorial on this site, I opened ports etc, there are no errors in console. As soon as I/or my friends try to join my server it just return us to main menu. Is it because i need to get...
  3. Morderclock

    Help Installer freezes!

    When i launch the installer i see the shield and the warzone title but after 3-5 seconds i only hear the song but when i go to task manager it says "No answer" (or something like this because i use polish "Windows 10" so i tried to open it many times but it happened again again again and again...
  4. Xilekai

    Help Game crashing before I get to pick a team

    Every single time I load into a server (including one I spent hours on last night!) I'll get to the team select menu for a split second and even hear any and all audio on the server. However, it'll all cut off, freeze, and then instantly crash. I honestly have no clue what the issue is because...
  5. Question New sticker update

    Hey, i have potato pc. Can any people give me invertory file without stickers Thanks
  6. Help Only bsp files in downloading maps?

    hello im a warzone player i got 80-200 ms ping and i want to download maps for game (surf maps) i clicked the first page (banana skill surf) i download which is my favourite and i look inside of winrar and it was only a bsp file and i look the maps file and there was bsp files with images and...
  7. Help some stock skins won't work

    the desert eagle stock and usp and i am pretty sure some other skins don't want to equip. they do equip but when i try them in-game the previous equipped skin shows up how do i fix this? thanks:wink-new:
  8. Question HLAE Support

    Any way to run HLAE with non steam csgo, because it requires to open csgo.exe directly, which you can't do in non steam.
  9. Question MDMP Files?

    What are these huge MDMP files that automatically get created after a game crash? Can i delete them?
  10. Name Symbols issue

    I'm trying to put ✪ on my name but it keeps showing as "? ge0" while in game. Is there a way to fix this?