1. lilstonye


    My inventory is reseted after update. i put the inventory backup file in but then it asks to update again. pls help
  2. JosemaARG

    Question For when the complete inventory with the new skins?

    I wanted to know if they are going to update the entire inventory, or are they going to stay lite forever.
  3. Tutorial Custom inventory for CS:GO

    If anyone wants a custom inventory, you can download it here: (items_730.rar) This inventory includes: 1. All non stattrak skins (guns, knives, gloves). 2. Glock skins are stattraks. 3. A few stickers that were used on some weapons. (Having...
  4. Tutorial How to get Perfect World Skins (repost)

    Sorry about the previous tutorial. Some images were being silly, and the links were locked >_< This is just a little repost, so everything is a little less broken xD In case you didn't already know, there are some certain skins in CS:GO that had to have modified versions made for the Chinese...