1. lilstonye


    My inventory is reseted after update. i put the inventory backup file in but then it asks to update again. pls help
  2. D

    Help STEAM Verification Rejected | HELP!!!

    Despite downloading, updating, and verifying CSGO WaRzOnE through the CSGO Launcher, and launching the game, I then select to play against bots and/or community servers and I see the map loading screen. The moment the game completely loads and is ready to start up, I get kicked back to the CSGO...
  3. V

    Help CANT CONNECT to my OWN server.

    I'm trying to setup a public community server. I downloaded SRCDS via steamCMD, I followed instructions from the tutorial on this site, I opened ports etc, there are no errors in console. As soon as I/or my friends try to join my server it just return us to main menu. Is it because i need to get...
  4. E

    Help Black screen after installing all items patch

    I’ve installed the file which lets you use all weapon skins/stickers and ect. I’m stuck on some black screen and nothing’s happening. How can I fix this?
  5. B

    Question New sticker update

    Hey, i have potato pc. Can any people give me invertory file without stickers Thanks
  6. F

    Download issues

    When i launched the css installer and installed everything, the files that were supposed to be install werent there. I saw on the installation a messagge saying "Deleting extracted files", if that can help
  7. T

    Help Why my laptop can't be host when playing LAN?

    Hello, i'm sorry for my bad english. I have a problem when playing LAN. My friends can be host and i can join his game trough LAN. But when i try to be host, why my friends can't join my game?
  8. S

    Question MDMP Files?

    What are these huge MDMP files that automatically get created after a game crash? Can i delete them?
  9. S

    Help csgo launcher has stopped working!

    I get this error after the 2.9 launcher update.
  10. T

    Skins not loading

    Hi, When I play online, my skins are sometimes working, but sometimes not, and I hate playing without skins. The skins work only offline or LAN (Local Area Network), when I host the game, but when I join a LAN game, there is the same problem. I update the game every time I play. I tried...
  11. S

    Help Cant Play Online

    Hi I installed the game and i can't play online...And in the launcher when i click UPDATE/VERIFY say GAME UPDATE FAILED PLEASE TRY AGAIN...but i do it like 100 times...What can i do? It's only offline play or?..
  12. A

    i Faced a problem

    Hello admins ... i have a problem since this morning and i cant solve it ... when i try to update the game it just stuck and after 5 minutes a message shows that the game failed to update please try again ... i dont know what to do i cant join any game please help me solve this
  13. M

    Cant Launch CS:GO

    Hello I'v been playing CSGO WaRzOnE for quite a far while, but randomly now when I launch CSGO it just goes black and the game closes and the Launcher closes please help. Many thanks! :smile-new: P.S How do you get a higher rank in the fourms I am currently a N00b UPDATE Nevermind already...
  14. M

    Help Cannot lunch CSGO

    I have an issue Loader.exe doesn't exists in current directory "C:\Games\Counter Strike Global Offensive Warzone" Please help. Many thanks.