1. Help Can I run a csgo server from the game?

    Heyyy.I have forwarded all my ports and I was wondering if I can run the server and play the game at the same time?That would save some space and increase performance.I want to host a server on the internet..Is it possible?
  2. Help How do I set admin in non steam server

    Hi guys I have just made a server and I am curious how do I set admin in it.Can anyone give me detailed steps to set it because when I go to console and type rcon_password my pass..It gives me nothing.when I type sv_cheats 1 i get Can't change replicated ConVar sv_cheats from console of client...
  3. Help Server can't access admin

    When I open the chat and type /admin it gives me an error that you do not have access to this command.I am running the server using srcds with the method given in the forum on this page.I also tried rcon_password my_password in console and it gets sent.But when I type sv_cheats 1 I get Can't...
  4. Help What is server root folder

    Hey guys I had installed warzone csgo and now I want to start a server.I read the forum and I couldn't understand what is the server root folder.I have my folder in which csgo is installed.Is it that folder.So when I copy rev.ini to that folder I can't start my game and it says check if the...
  5. Help Can't join community server

    Can someone HELP ME? cause ever since I updated my client I can no longer join community servers and I'm always offline eventhough I'm connected on the internet.