skins missing fix please

  1. slack

    Help Missing skin from new 18/10/2019 update

    Hello, the game is missing a very very sick skin, the Glock-18 Sacrifice. Can someone pls fix it :/ I want it badly, pretty sure others would too. It looks so freaking dope
  2. hiro016

    Help Missing some skins

    Hello, i play CSGO Warzone for a long time, and for some reason some skins are missing, like: M4A4-Howl, Ruby knifes, Gamma, Lore knifes, so, that is a bug or what? i'd like to know and if is a bug how to fix it thank you :D
  3. Skins not showing on LAN server

    Hello , im hosting every friday a LAN party , we play csgo warzone 5v5 , the problem is the skins is showing on my pc (host PC) but not for my friends . we tried to edit the rev.ini but it didn't work DisableUnlockedItems=false EnableNSNetSvc=both
  4. Missing Ingame Items

    Hi I was about to start my launcher and I forgot to update it but before the update I had all of the stickers/Graffitis but when i did the update and veryfied the game my Stickers/Graffitis are gone. So I jus looking for some help! maybe you who reading this can help me. Thanks for the...
  5. There are many missing Skins!

    Hello Community, I noticed that no one of the provided "items_730.bin" files include all skins. I have 3 different item files: 1. (Provided by game itself) 2. (Provided by G.I.G.R) 3...