1. JosemaARG

    Question New Items

    Good evening, I wanted to ask, When will the new intems be added to the inventory?
  2. hiro016

    Help Missing some skins

    Hello, i play CSGO Warzone for a long time, and for some reason some skins are missing, like: M4A4-Howl, Ruby knifes, Gamma, Lore knifes, so, that is a bug or what? i'd like to know and if is a bug how to fix it thank you :D
  3. JAK3


    Hello, I wanted to report a bug that is having CS GO warzone, I'm a big fan of high tier skins and some of those skins are not in the inventory of the game, for example, the sapphire and emerald knives and the m4a4 howl among others to some reason behind it Or is it just a bug I have reinstalled...

    Hi, I have a skin problem. Some weapons do not have stattrak. For example: AWP DRAGON LORE, AWP MEDUSA, GLOCK 18 FADE and many more. I am asking you to solve the problem. Thanks in advance. ;)
  5. Tutorial Adding Custom Skins in Cs:Go & How to use RevEmu

    In this tutorial i will teach you how to add Custom Skins in CS go Which doesn't exist (or not released by Valve) like here in Example : Disclaimer: For Warzone version users Only, Using this in steam csgo will get you VAC banned Software you need:: Revemu inventory creator...
  6. Help Crash on launch

    I've been using RevEmu quite a while and now i noticed that every time i try to add a new skin with a custom nametag or just edit a original skin to a apply a nametag on it, my game crashed on launch. After the crash i just opened RevEmu and deleted the renamed skin and my game goes back to...
  7. Help Incompatible with RevEmu

    First, sorry for my bad english if some words doesn't have meaning. So I have a problem with CS GO and a program, that name is RevEmu, this program can create a custom inventory (this program is good) but after a CS GO WaRzOnE version this program which modify items.bin and items730.bin has...
  8. Tutorial Custom inventory for CS:GO

    If anyone wants a custom inventory, you can download it here: (items_730.rar) This inventory includes: 1. All non stattrak skins (guns, knives, gloves). 2. Glock skins are stattraks. 3. A few stickers that were used on some weapons. (Having...
  9. Stickers and Graffiti

    Please add stickers and graffiti like other non steam versions. Please
  10. Skins not loading

    Hi, When I play online, my skins are sometimes working, but sometimes not, and I hate playing without skins. The skins work only offline or LAN (Local Area Network), when I host the game, but when I join a LAN game, there is the same problem. I update the game every time I play. I tried...
  11. Tutorial How to get Perfect World Skins (repost)

    Sorry about the previous tutorial. Some images were being silly, and the links were locked >_< This is just a little repost, so everything is a little less broken xD In case you didn't already know, there are some certain skins in CS:GO that had to have modified versions made for the Chinese...