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    Question New sticker update

    Hey, i have potato pc. Can any people give me invertory file without stickers Thanks
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    Help Incompatible with RevEmu

    First, sorry for my bad english if some words doesn't have meaning. So I have a problem with CS GO and a program, that name is RevEmu, this program can create a custom inventory (this program is good) but after a CS GO WaRzOnE version this program which modify items.bin and items730.bin has...
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    Tutorial Custom inventory for CS:GO

    If anyone wants a custom inventory, you can download it here: (items_730.rar) This inventory includes: 1. All non stattrak skins (guns, knives, gloves). 2. Glock skins are stattraks. 3. A few stickers that were used on some weapons. (Having...
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    Stickers and Graffiti

    Please add stickers and graffiti like other non steam versions. Please