1. D

    Help STEAM Verification Rejected | HELP!!!

    Despite downloading, updating, and verifying CSGO WaRzOnE through the CSGO Launcher, and launching the game, I then select to play against bots and/or community servers and I see the map loading screen. The moment the game completely loads and is ready to start up, I get kicked back to the CSGO...
  2. T

    Question Need help with updating

    Hello, whenever i installed the game and opened the launcher i clicked update but nothing got updated, it said that i already had latest version of the game, first time it didn't require to update. Should it be like this?
  3. V

    Help Dust 2 crashing after Map load

    Hello..I just installed CSGO in my friend's pc.He has Windows 7 32 bit system.Each and every map is loading except dust 2.First it would just load and just before the countdown from 5 seconds it would crash.So I tried this method over here: Now It will load successfully and I can even select...
  4. S

    Stickers and Graffiti

    Please add stickers and graffiti like other non steam versions. Please
  5. S

    Updates are slow

    Why does the updates take hours to download if the update is only 50-100 MB on steam, does it download the whole game again?
  6. MAMAC

    Download Only Launcher

    Launcher only setup !!! Only launcher setup (small size). Over launcher u can download full game (latest version) DOWNLOAD