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  • 1 Cheating
    • (1) Using any external program to give you an unfair advantage in the game such as aim assist, wallhack, speed hack will be punished with a permanent ban.
    • (2) Players who have evidently been banned permanently before may be banned from our server in certain cases.
    • (3) Players who are privileged to information they shouldn't have about another player (= ghosting) are considered cheaters. Whether the information was given or received is of no matter.

  • 2 Advertising
    • (1) Advertising programs mentioned above or encouraging other players to use them will be punished with a permanent ban.
    • (2) In less severe cases the punishment is a 7 days ban.

  • 3 Griefing
    • (1) Deliberately irritating and angering other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways (=griefing) will be punished with a slay.
    • (2) In certain more severe cases the punishment can be kick.

  • 4 Exposing Admins
    • Exposing the information or presence of server administrators will be punished with silence maximum 7 days.
    • Trying to act like admin (using admin name) will get u kicked,in some severe cases 30min ban.

  • 5 Ban evading
    • (1) Players who are banned from our server and take measures to bypass that ban in order to join the server nonetheless will be banned permanently.
    • (2) ¹In case the player uses a different account than the one he is banned on to bypass the ban, the second account will be banned permanently. ²The first account will receive addtional appropriate punishment unless he is already permanently banned.


  • 6 Bug using
    • Intentionally using any bugs that the server or game has will be punished appropriately.

  • 7 Objective
    • (1) The terrorist side, as the attacking team, is required to fulfull the objective (planting the bomb and protecting it afterwards).
    • (2) Unnecessarily slowing this process down by camping or not planting the bomb is considered griefing (§ 3) and punishable accordingly ( slap/slay) .

  • 8 Switching teams
    • Switching to the winning team is considered as unsporting behaviour and will be punished with a slay/kick.

  • 9 Swearing
    • (1) Excessive swearing in the chat or voice-chat will be punished with a communication block of appropriate length.
    • (2) Repeat offenders can be permanently silenced.
    • (3) Any form of nationalism or discrimination will be punished with a ban not under 1 day to 7 days in addition to a permanent silence if necessary.

  • 10 Language
    • (1) The language used for voice chat is English.
    • (2) The language used for voice chat in Premium Servers is Serbian/English
    • (3) Using any other language will be punished with a communication block.

  • 11 Voice chat
    • (1) ¹Voice chat is used for giving information to the whole team, private conversations are not allowed. ²Violaters will be punished with a communication block.
    • (2) Players who are evidently not 16 years old may be muted in voice chat in certain cases.

  • 12 General usage
    • ¹Both chats are to be used with reason. ²Any misbehaviour or wrongdoing will be punished by gag/mute.

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