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Admin abuse

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it happened as follows:

1- talked shit in english & arabic to a player [aka MUMBUS] as i know he is an Algerian ... BUT i didn't know he was an Admin.

now, i know it is not good to talk shit to another player, but the game sometimes gets to me.

2- then from no where i get a permanent gag, then admin removes it and replaced it with a 2 hour gag.

3- i go to SourceBans in communication section, and i found out that he was the admin.

4- i see a lot of players talk shit about other players in english like n00bster for example, and they don't get a gag !

5- if u can't take shit online then don't be an admin!

6- i believe he is a cheater and abusing his situation to hide it ... and don't tell me to record an evidence or u r just a shitty player and whatever sh*tty excuse u tell ppl ... not my job, other admins should look into him, as not only me who complains about him.


to 1. Wait, wait that means if there's no admin, you talk shit?

to 2. And what kind of bad people use a system where you don't recognize the admins. All together *fuck you owner*

to 3. *clap, clap*

to 4. tissue?

to 5. you hurt my feelings

to 6. he is a witcher! fucking burn him to death!
You don't want to pretend there's proof, but if you say he's cheating, it must be true.


1. how do i know there is an admin ? ...

2. yes i don't know who was the admin and i have no way to who is admin and i dont use this forum that much

3. ty

4. i don't know fin u kindda seem like not taking that issue serious !

5. u weren't the admin ...

6. the days will prove, u will see

bro i rarely talk shit to ppl, but when i do a sane admin tells me to behave then warns to gag or mute ...

but he made a smiley face and gave me a gag without any warnings ...
if u see that as no abuse then don't bother with replying and defending him.


whats the point of ur compain,he muted u perma than he unmute u and mute u for 2h i dont get it
perma mute was by mistake,but he did the right thing to unmute and remute for 2h
also mamba is playing here more than u know,so that cheating thing sound stupid tbh
im glad u mention noobster here,his next mute/gag will be permanent silence
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