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Admin complaint

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  • In Game Nick: Jäger und Gejagte (better known as 323xxf65)
  • Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198873386817/ (Steam Community :: Jäger und Gejagte)
  • Server you was playing on: Dust 2 OaO
  • Admin in question: (Leave N/A if unknown) > All admins playing from
  • Time and date of offense: 1:30-2:07 PM Central European Standard Time

  • Evidence: (If applicable) > My only evidence Is text chat. i played with a friend and there were 6 players which had more than 160 ping, once guy had 500-600 for solid 3 rounds and admin didnt do anything. Also after that, a player from Serbia with the name "Gavrilo Princip". He started swearing to my friend i was playing with, for no reason, not only did he break the rule of speaking a non English language in the server but he also was cursing at him (on Serbian). Since I understand the language I told him that this isnt the Server that allowed Balkan languages and I called him a monkey. He then continiued to curse at me and continiued to yell profanities and swear my family and my friend. All this while admin(s) was/were on. I reported all of my problems to the admin chat ([email protected]) the moment they occured but the admin didnt seem to care. This Is also quite uncomfortable for me since the player named "Gavrilo Princip" was well over 30 years old as heard In his voice. The admin(s) never eventually replied to me so I decided to make a report thread.


i am almost certain that no admin was playing during that time, i was played like 30 minutes before he described, together with juno, we both left and i remember jäger being there, but i dont remember a gavrilo being there, so it must have happened shortly after.

all i can offer is to look out for him next time he joins the server

DocC Marshal

I was the first admin to emter server today, probably at 12 pm to 1 pm, then from 2 to 3:30pm , no admin was online at the time he was on server, he got banned for wallhacks as well.
Not open for further replies.