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Admin not caring about his job at all


GameNick: insane️️
SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dopemind (Steam Community :: Insane️️)

Admin in discussion: Mambus
Date: 24/03/2020 time between 15:00 and 18:00 idk exactly

So, i was playing on the server when the only one admin online and in game was Mambus.
After a few rounds i start realizing that he dont kick afk's, t spawn campers or watching anyone suspicious.
Some of the rounds when he die, he slap all in this case Terrorist team. i mean all of the players, including the ones who had nothing to do with the campers on t spawn, him instead of slaying the campers he just decided to slap everyone. And the worst was when some of my team mates were on Bombsite about to start planting the bomb was 6 or 7 seconds left. he decided to making the guy with the c4 drop the bomb.. wich on this case his team won.
Everytime i sent him message saying look this guy or kick the campers, he completely ignore and just keep on playing without give a damn about the server or who was playing on it.
I know that mambus has issues with me as i have with him, but to be honest if he is admin he has to his job... he always saying that im toxic, so why dont mute me than, cause he knows that is a lie.... and i said on admin chat for him to know: im gonna report about you cause you do nothing as admin.by that = toxic for mambus.
He must understand as admin he cant just play without see anything... and i dont give a dam if he hacks as admin or not, cause i know that i cry a lot yea its true but its not normal laggers pre aiming like this... but that is not the case, its just me crying probably.. now in my opinion i think is useless him being admin since he doesnt care about nothing and ignore peoplewho text him on admin chat.
Sorry for this is not the issue i have with mambus is the issue i have with him as being admin..


Im sorry if u think im not paying enough attention. I promise it wont be the same next time.


Im sorry if u think im not paying enough attention. I promise it wont be the same next time.
I actually think u wont since u have issues with me serious ones and i have with you we both knowis because of ur ping.. im playing right now and you keep ignoring .. u even change ur name to useless to try to be funny but you arent.. you not fit for this job as i wasnt to.