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Here you can make a request to apply for an admin position. Make a new thread for your application.


  • Minimum of 50 hours playtime (check here)
  • Good communication skills
  • Solid English skills
  • Clean chat log, mild toxicity may be overlooked
  • Discord account and member of the OaO Discord server
Please use this form for you application:

  • In Game Nick
  • Steam ID
  • Server you are applying for
  • Your Stats-Link
  • Your Activity-Link
  • The country you are from
  • Year of birth
  • Any past admin experience
  • Why do you want to become admin?
Additional information:

  • Members of the community will either vote for you application (+1) or against it (-1). The responsible head admin will then decide your application.
  • Your Warzone-stats link can be found here, your activity can be checked here
  • Administrators have a special responsibility for their server, which involves certain rules
  • All actions of your future admin activity are tracked
  • If your request is denied, you may not apply again for 4 weeks
  • As an admin you must visit the forum regularly, with a maximum 72 hour gap in between visits.


Server Head Admin
[SRB] Server Admin
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Aktiviraj se na serveru. Probaj ponovo za 4 tjedna.

Zahtjev odbijen!
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