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Hello, there are a lot of cheats on the CS Go Server. The Vote and Kick System in the game is nice, but this time the cheaters type !voteban on the keyboard before us and get us kicked. There should be an Admin who constantly enters the server to ban the people who use cheats. I have been playing on your server for 3 days and in these 3 days, a total of 11 cheats came and these Cheaters spam !voteban before everyone else and put just any random person up for voting and they occupy the Voting to prevent themselves from being kicked. For example, my username in the game is KEBAB, there were 2 cheats on the server just now, we struggled for 1 hour to kick them from the server. I also tried to start a !voteban vote to kick him but the cheater realized that I wanted to kick him and he spammed !voteban to get me kicked. He spammed so much that we couldn’t even start a vote to kick him.
Well yeah. I was one of the players that play on this server this day. and this issue freak me out. but sadly we need to accept that the owner of this server is gone. last online 2022. there is still admin that on but I don't really know why he online and maybe everyone will forget this server because how outdated the server is. but well if admin see this pls help the server. I've been played for 2/3 months yet still so much cheaters. but if I'm lucky I can get a time where there is no cheaters at all. and please add more minutes ban when votebanned.
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