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Crash joining LAN server


New Here
My friends and I have an office in the univeristy we study. There is a closed domain for the whole floor and we have installed games like Halo CE in our office and other ones. We have been able to play but the LAN server must be created from a third party pc in the same domain, for example my personal laptop conected to the domain via ethernet cable. The games we have played have to be portable because we don´t have administrative permission in the office computers to install new apps.

We decided to download CSWarzone version of CS 1.6 to play the game in the office, as always I create the LAN server with my personal laptop and it appears as listed in the LAN tab when my friends try to join but, after trying to connect, the loading bar does not fill and the game crashes after a few seconds.

We installed the game in my laptop and shared the game folder with a USB to the other computers, does anyone knows what are we missing? Also, the same situation happens if someone tries to join from their personal laptop connected to the domain as I do.