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CS 1.6 Help required !


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Hey guys! Recently me and my co-workers and old friends of mine decided to go in and jam cs 1.6 again. The best one (no-steam version) out there is obviously cs 1.6 warzone one. Everyone of my friends is using it and so on, so I decided to host an online server. I bought a server online. The problem is that when I try to connect to my server using warzone's launcher, I get redirected to another server and this error:

"Connecting to
Server is blacklisted. Reason: csblackdevil comunitate banata permanent
If this is mistake write to [email protected]
Connecting to redirect.gametracker.rs...
Redirecting connection to"

But with any other cs 1.6 launcher there would not be a problem. Any clues how to fix this?
I attached a print screen of my cs


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The message is clear
the server you are trying to join is blacklisted permanently for some reason
try to play on another server
or creat your own LAN game to play with ur friends
nothing much we can do about it , since the server is banned from gametracker itself


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Yes, for a non-steam version, LAN is the best choice if you are on a lan party gathering of friends only, either through a common router or use Hamachi through the internet. The latter should work fine provided all use Hamachi as instructed. It's not hard to find a guide in Google.