Help CS:GO WarZone? Legit???


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I play normal CS:GO but I see more and more people playing the cracked version "WarZone" and I'm wondering, is it legit? Will it cause VAC-Ban on the original steam on my account? Or can I download it and play without issues? All help and answers is appreciated! :)
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its legit, u wont get a vac ban on your steam, you can download it and play it without any issues. the difference is with the warzone version u get access to all the skins and stickers(but u need to download some of them, search the forum), u cant play matchmaking tho, but u can play on our community servers, you will have them in your favorites by default. When i played it, if i wanted to switch to the steam version i just had to restart my whole pc, maybe it will be like that for you too.