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Help CSGO Skin problem.


I have a problem with skins.
When i play offline with bots it show skins but if i play multiplayer it dont show skins please help me


New Here
I also have this issue after the last update. Honestly, I don't understand what's happening, as the firewall is turned off, and all the other things are done right. Though, when I try to enter some public servers, some skins show up, while others don't. I really don't understand why that's happening, as my friends don't have this problem. I am so sick of this game. I am thinking about selling all the skins and quit playing it. By the way, don't you know a good platform where I could sell my skins? A friend of mine told me about https://skincashier.com/ (Sell CS:GO skins for PayPal instantly! – SkinCashier.com). I know he is only selling and buying skins on using that platform.
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