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Hi, my name is Hugo, "HugoHD"
I've been playing the server for 2 days, and yesterday I got banned by Artinovich. I think he banned me because my team tag changed every 2 seconds to wallhack, bunnyhop, aimbot, etc. This doesn't mean I use cheats, it's only a console command, which you bind the WASD to steam group tags name. For expamle, if I click W the team tag changes to "aimbot". I understand that probably the staff didm't know it, and it was my fault because I used it on servers. I'm really sorry, but I would like unban beacuase I don't use cheats, and if I receive unban I will never use that commands on servers. I just used it for some jokes with friends in MM. Thank you.

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You got banned for having a previous VAC banned account
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find another server to play
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