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Public Kris abusing admin powers got me banned


New Here
  • In Game Nick: Scout Boc
  • Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:61105139
  • Server you was playing on: [SRB] One and Only ▐ Public ¦ 128tick ¦ !ws !knife !gloves (
  • Admin in question: Kris
  • Time and date of offense: 03/25/2023 - 23:30:56
  • Evidence:

    Well... I did not play on this server since 2020 now came back to play on this server today during the years was playing valo (IMMO1) and know very well the basics of aim, strafing in csgo almost 3k hours my peak faceit elo was 2100 (LVL10) after i got my kills with AK, DesertEagle just strafing a-d and doing prefires i got banned by Kris for having aimbot which was weird.... but thanks! I got back to this server it was simple dust2 and go ham and maybe get invitation to CS2. I can coorperate to proof that I am legit and was just good this day. But Kris banned me like it was nothing, no warming , no even double checking if I was cheating or not lmao... Having an Admin role is a high position to be doing these bad mistakes....

I hope you will resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance

Thang Cho Boc (scoutboy)


  • Screenshot 2023-03-25 233244.png
    Screenshot 2023-03-25 233244.png
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