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Offline installer with latest update


New Here
Hello guys,

I am new here so I apologize in advance for maybe stupid question. I tried to find answer but failed so I am trying this way.

We are planning LAN party and I would like to have CSGO involved. Problem is that not everyone have steam and not everyone have CSGO at all.

Another problem is that some guys have really bad internet and downloading 30GB of game won’t be possible to play before Christmas.

I encountered this non steam warzone installer and it is awesome, exactly what I needed. It’s not a problem for me to download and pass the file on usb stick to my friends so they don’t need to download. But when I installed and launched for the first time, game always just didn’t start. Just loading and nothing. Only after I clicked update and downloaded that massive update it started to work.

So my main question is : is there any way to download this update and copy it to another computer so we can update this game offline?

Also if you have any advices what to set up in csgo in order to play LAN party, that would be great. Last time I was at lan is like 12 years ago and it was 1.6

Thanks !