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Offline mode , can't play online


Hello guys ,

I recently downloaded the CS GO and i have problem with the offline mode , connecting to servers as you can see in the pictures



You can connect only to the cracked servers that are in your server list. You cannot play any MM's.


from where can i download servers ?

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also how can i remove the ping,FPS bar from game screen ?


To play on a cracked server click on "Play" and choose "Browse community server" if it's your first time clicking on it a popup will be shown telling you that those are no valve serves. After closing said popup the serverbrowser should be visible, that's where you find the servers you are able to play on.

If you want to play on your own server visit the tutorial forum.
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^ go to play then click offline with bots then open console by clicking ~ write " sv_cheats 1 " then enter after write " sv_lan 1" ok now you're lan but how your friends join you without ip ? open ~ write status and copy the ip it will be like 192..... and tell your friends to open ~ and write connect 192..... and enter


kartik gupta reinstall the launcher and then update the game , it take a while depending on internet speed.