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Tutorial Play Steam Workshop maps on csgo warzone *nosteam*

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First you open steam and go to the workshop and type in the search box counter strike global offensive
pic 1.jpg
Then u can search for map in the search bar or browse from the workshop
after you choose your map you click on it
then u copy the link from the workshop browser
Steam 9_15_2018 9_35_28 PM.jpg
then you go to http://steamworkshopdownloader.com (Steam Workshop Downloader) and paste that link in the website
Steam Workshop Downloader - Google Chrome 9_15_2018 9_39_32 PM.png
Press Download then locate the download file
and drop it in your csgo/maps folder

After dropping the map file
check the name of the map and keep it in mind or copy it
Then Open csgo warzone and open console
and type map map_name
Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 9_15_2018 9_49_37 PM.png
Press Enter and Enjoy
Disclaimer: Some maps have special models / material
if you get an error while loading the map
type in console sv_consistency 0
then load the map again
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