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Redfall Gets May Release Date, Reveals New Gameplay Footage

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Alex Stedman

Developer Arkane Studios will be releasing their story-driven shooter, Redfall, on May 2, they announced at today's Xbox Developer Direct.

They also revealed some new gameplay footage, showing off more details on the players' unique abilities, as well as the titular setting of Redfall, Mass, giving a glimpse at a lighthouse story mission. Redfall features both single-player co-op multiplayer modes, with players choosing from one of four protagonists — cryptozoologist and inventor Devinder Crousley, telekinetic student Layla Ellison, combat engineer Remi de la Rosa, and supernatural sharpshooter Jacob Boyer — to fight off vampires who took over and ruined Redfall after a failed scientific experiment.

Redfall was initially surprise-announced at the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase on June 13, 2021, and then delayed, along with Starfield, to the first half of 2023.

Redfall will release on Xbox Series X/S and PC, and will be available on day one on Game Pass. See all the announcements from today's Xbox Developer Direct, including updates from Minecraft Legends and Hi-Fi Rush, here.

Alex Stedman is a News Editor for IGN, leading entertainment reporting. When she's not writing or editing, you can find her reading fantasy novels or playing Dungeons & Dragons.
Not open for further replies.