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Introducing Storage Units which allow users to store up to 1,000 items which would otherwise exceed inventory limit.

For more details see the in-game items help article.

[ MAPS ]


Improved visibility from patio towards pit boost spot.

Added fill lights in A site balcony hallway.

Fixed a DM spawn in apartments that caused players to get stuck.


Boosted ambient light on grate outside Monster, B site. (@SRK_xt)

Removed graffiti from left side of CT side, B site.

Boosted light in bank, A site.

Changed background texture in bank, A site.


Brightened up corner by far vent in A site.

[ UI ]

Added a new setting to enable triple-monitor UI mode.

Added a countdown till week 2 Operation missions become available.

End of match scoreboard toggle button is now the same button binding that enables mouse in the scoreboard. (default: Mouse2)

[ MISC ]

Fixed ’rounds won with no purchases’ accolade appearing in Flying Scoutsman.

Fixed skin tone on one of the Elite Crew agents.

Fixed a regression in Weapons Course.

Fixed a re-zoom regression with sniper rifles. (@land1ncs)

Updated radar for Vertigo.
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