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New Here
In Game Nick:lmn
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:461324848
Server you was playing on:pug 5v5
Admin in question: Sasha
Time and date of offense:8:44PM Sunday
Evidence: (If applicable) Well sasha and sylar i dont remember his name started to fight in game why or what they did and they started to shout like not hard but they were fighting spamming their mic and i said shut up 3 4 times and sasha gagged me for spamming mic,then i started talking in chat why did i get gagged?ur abusing ur staff job and he then gagged me for toxic and the other guy sylar also sasha gagged him for complaining .
I think sasha is a little bit abusing because if someone tells him something he gags them immediately


bruh i was explaining something and you were screaming "shut up" multiple times in your mic while i was talking with someone.
so i muted you, then you started spamming in chat and stuff,so i gagged you aswell.
+i muted this slyar because he was also screaming and wouldnt let me talk/finish speaking
Not open for further replies.