Important SLOT


Due to a lot of questions and demand for slots, we introduced a slot. The slot lasts a month and costs only 2€ per month.

Why does the slot cost? Because as many of you know everything you see here is financed by ourselves. We do not have any income, not even one way to cover bills for server machine, gameme etc, so just cover to one part of bills. That's why we introduce slot. 2€ is not big deal for you. Every day you spend 2€ on things like beer, cigarettes, drugs, gum, candy, ice cream, gpu, cpu etc.... With this 2€ you are helping the whole community. There is a lot of expenses that we are paying every month and we don't expect anything from you in return, but who wants to enter in server every time like a boss he can also give 2€. And with that you help whole community to grow even bigger, stronger and we can made better server/plugins.

How to buy a slot?

Important!!! Before you buy a slot you need to connect your steam account with forum!

In that way your steam id will be connected with forum account and you will automatically get slot on your steam id.

1. First you go here


2 Than you click here to connect steam account

3. Because valve love us (cuz of no steam edition) we have that honor that our website is labeled as dangerous. So you need to press here (on that little red square)

When you finish that, enter your data and at the end write your password from forum and hit button associate.

After that go on Account Upgrade and pay for slot with PayPal. After that you will have slot automatically on server. If you have any problems be free to contact me on discord, steam or here in DM.

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