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  • In Game Nick: Spicy Chicken
  • Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026985013/ (Steam Community :: Spicy Chicken)
  • Server you was playing on: SRB
  • Admin in question: (Leave N/A if unknown) Tihii + unknown
  • Time and date of offense: 6.4.2021 21:00-21:30
  • Evidence: (If applicable) Consecutive kicks, no communication.

    1'st kick Happened after T's decided to push B, im watching mid for 10 seconds push up a little bit into the box and shoot some wallbangs into mid, then i switch to long and go running to B since its taken and i won't know unless i press TAB and see tons of T's in B site, while running to B i quick peek mid again and tag Tihii. Someone kills him and i get the assist. 10 seconds after that i get kicked.
    2'nd kick Happened when i was on catwalk at 1:30 and going for short i get kicked again and after joining Tihii finally communicates to not camp T spawn.
    3'rd kick Happened when i was CT and was holding long.
    4'th kick was due to me getting kicked for a slot.( thanks tihii )

    Dunno im just trying to relax a bit from day at work and this happens. I should have recorded a demo as Lipi suggested.

    If there is anti T spawn camp rule then apply it for everyone, not just Spicy Chicken, since when i am CT i consistently see T's in T spawn even after the 1 minute mark.
    And communicate.

    And one kick is enough...
Soo i scooped this up from another thread, i don't know if it still applies but in my case a slap/slay is enough if the OaO admins still follow those rules.

gamemed2.png( This might not be accurate there should be more dots)
Also for those that think i am a T spawn camper, when i first joined the server year ago i was.
After a few warnings i went down to rush anywhere where i had a spawn for and i also started wallbanging mid alot with scout at close range to the box because its much more enjoyable to get a wallbang.
Most of my T spawn kills are on Zeka or a random wallbang and since noone loves to rush long when they have the spawn for it and 90% i get in the doors there's an SMG or a shotgun rushing there.
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