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Where to Buy a PS5 on Black Friday

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Hannah Hoolihan

Even though there's still a few days to go before the actual day, Black Friday deals are in full swing at a variety of retailers. If you've been hoping to pick up a PS5 this year during the sale event, you're in luck! Consoles are available at a variety of retailers at the moment. There's even a selection of console bundles for them that are on sale for Black Friday, including for the new PS5 Slim, which you can find detailed below.

Where to Buy a PS5 on Black Friday​

If you're looking to buy a standard PS5 console, you can find it at the links below on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop. This will run you $500 for the disc edition, but gets you the console and a controller so you can start playing right away.

PS5 Console Bundle Black Friday Deals​

If you want a standard, non-Slim bundle deal on the PS5, you can find the Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle at Amazon and Walmart right now for $499. That's 11% off its usual price of $559.99, and well worth it for what you're getting.

Where to Buy a PS5 Slim for Black Friday​

If you're hoping to get your hands on the new PS5 Slim, there are a few different ways that you can. Alongside being able to pick it up on its own at PlayStation and GameStop, there are a couple of PS5 Slim bundles available for Black Friday that are worth picking up. Those come bundled with either Marvel's Spider-Man 2 or Modern Warfare III.

PS5 Slim Bundles​

If you're curious to see more PlayStation 5 deals - and there's plenty to look through - make sure to check out our roundup of PlayStation and PS5 Black Friday deals. Not only will you find the excellent console bundle deals in there, but also sales on games, DualSense controllers, and more. For more information about Black Friday in general, visit our Black Friday deals hub page to learn more about what's still to come this week.

Hannah Hoolihan is a freelance writer who works with the Guides and Commerce teams here at IGN.
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