launcher problems

  1. Help I have a problem with the launcher.

    When I open the launcher it loads for about three seconds then the thing that goes around the circle freezes then crashes/disappears but i do get a message sometimes cant load but sometime does maybe might be cause the launcher crashes so no time for message to pop up but then sometimes the...
  2. Cant change avatar pic on CSS launcher

    Everytime i try to change my avatar pic on the CSS launcher it doesnt do nothing. It just continues with the "click to change avatar" message. Do the picture i select requires a specific size or specific format?
  3. Help Launcher crashes when opened.

    I made this YT video showing my problem. Please help me.
  4. Help CSGO launcher is not found !

    i cant update my game because of that please HELP !
  5. Help Problem with Loading

    Hi guys! I've got a problem. When I click "PLAY' button i'm waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Nothing happened... What I do? (I've got a Win 10)
  6. Help Change Clan Tag and Nickname

    How can I change my Clan Tag and Nickname cause every time that I change those two they revert back to normal in the picture is my desired Clan Tag and Nickname but their reverting to the Default one which is this one Can someone help me?