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In this tutorial I will show you how to repair common CS GO problems that have been bugging the WarZone community a lot.

Red = Not yet fixed
Green = Fixed

1. "You have -insecure flag in launch options." when starting up the game FIX!
This is because you have an invalid command line argument in your launch options. Here's how to fix it:

1. Completely close CS GO, if you have it running.
2. Go to the WarZone CS GO launcher, and click on the settings button at the upper right corner (the little round thing)
3. In the launch options, make sure that you have the ' -steam ' and ' -silent ' flags written there. If not, write them there.
4. Problem solved!

2. WarZone CS GO launcher hangs/doesn't load FIX!
You can try the following:

1. Completely close CS GO.
2. Right click csgolauncher.exe or the launcher desktop shortcut and click on Properties.
3. Go to the "Compatibility" tab.
4. At the bottom, check the box next to "Run this program as administrator" then click Apply, then click OK.
5. Try running the launcher again.

Try completely re-installing CS GO WarZone. Delete everything associated to the game and then do a cleanup with CCleaner to clean remaining traces. Then re-download and re-install the game.

3. Launcher failed to connect/update FIX!
This can be caused by two things:
1. Client/IP provider blocked launcher's update IP. If your ISP blocks the update machine you need to use a VPN, HotSpot Shield or some other 3rd party app to avoid ISP banning of the update machine.
2. Your firewall is blocking the connection. Make sure that csgolauncher.exe is allowed in your firewall; among with csgo.exe and Loader.exe.

4. "Error reading rev.ini/Error loading game versions! Some launcher functions will be disabled!" FIX!
1. Go in your CS GO game folder.
2. Delete "rev.ini".
3. Start up the launcher again - it will generate a new rev.ini file.
Note: rev.ini has all your launcher info stored in it (name, clan tag, ranks, launch parameters). You will have to set your ranks, name, launch parameters and clan tag back after doing this tutorial.) (make sure you have -steam launch parameter).

5. Skins do not show up on servers that skins are enabled on FIX!
This is a port problem. To fix this do one the following:

1. Go to your CS GO game folder.
2. Open up "rev.ini".
3. Press CTRL+F and search for "EnableNSNetSvc" (without quotes)
4. Make sure that its value is not TCP or BOTH, set it to UDP. Like this:

Try joining the server and typing retry into the console (~).

Note: If the console doesn't open with the ~ key, check your bindings or go to "Game Settings" in Options and enable it.

6. "Searching" while joining a server FIX!
This means that the server doesn't allow non-steam clients to join, so there is nothing you can do about this but to search for another server. The server you're trying to join is steam-only.

7. My items thumbnails in my inventory and in-game are messed up FIX!
This is an issue with the icon cache. To refresh it, do the following:

1. Go to your CS GO game folder.
2. Go to the following folders: csgo --> resource --> flash --> econ --> weapons.
3. Delete the folder "cached".
4. Start up the game and the icon cache will rebuild, fixing this problem.

1. Start the game.
2. Go to Options --> Video Settings.
3. Change your "Shader Detail" setting to "High".

If that fixed it, keep it like that. If the 'high' settings lags your game, try setting it to High, going into your inventory, then going back to options and putting it back to the original setting.

These are all the common fixes I could think of and fix at the moment, I will add more if I find more. Hope this helped you! :D
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