Help Game crashing after playing for a few minutes


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i recently downloaded cs:go warzone and have been using it for a while now. the other day i found out about rev emu and decided to try it, and ever since my game has been crashing after playing for 5-10 minutes. in the folder for warzone on my pc there are multiple dump files, some having (failed) at the beginning, and others not having that. After checking the full names of the files in properties, i found
at the end of the name. i have changed the security settings on the warzone folder, the launcher folder, and every subfolder in the launcher folder, including toggling read only off. none of that worked and no matter which mode i play (offline or online) my game crashes. pls help
edit: after launching warzone all the folders go back to read only, is there a way to change this, because that might be the problem\