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Download this file --->https://www.mediafire.com/file/05j5co219ubc122/autoexec.cfg- (autoexec.cfg) Thats a cfg file. After that drag it to your desktop. Right click cs:go than click open file location go to cs:go,cfg then drag your downloaded file in the cfg folder.After that open cs:go,open console and type ''exec autoexec'' - without the quotes then something like a drawing will appear saying LOW SPEC.You will realize that your cs:go is running smoothly.Thanks in advance! Hope this tutorial was helpful :) Ps:Sorry to disappoint but this only works for nosteam version since they have to autexec file :/
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It can work for steam, you just go to Steam Library>right ckick>properties>local files>browse local file> and then drag and drop. And then you exec with console and that's it

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