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Giveaway for Steam Players in ALL ★OaO★ Servers


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I don’t get a good felling here which I usually sense in a giveaway . What if these players can’t add you in FL , FL already full with passive men ? Or maybe their linked acc. s unfortunately come under the steam minimum req.barrier and isn’t able to to send a a friend req. unless he opens might guys eight gates and destroys the barrier .

What if thy are immigrating , currently on the flight to Some vanquished nation. If they arent able to receive your msg, the skins and the stickers applied ont them.
Maybe a genjutsu placed upon them by an god-vessel person. There are infinite possibilities.
Or if it’s ur greedy self wanting to keep the skins to yourself that you are going to drop the standards .

I want to know if the winners get awarded of their deserved prizes in one-piece.

Ora Pro Nobis ![CHAT=][CHAT=][/CHAT][/CHAT]
Both players have recieved their skins
i dont know what are u pointing to ....
Steam 1_27_2018 7_28_57 PM (2).png